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Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
government. >> it shows the social democrats and greens grabbing power with one seat majority over the christian democrats and free democrats. it is not a mandate but it is an alarm for federal elections later this year. >> it was a neck and neck race but it was a loss in sunday's regional election. she hoped her conservatives to gain momentum in the run up to the federal election but the propping up her coalition partners cost her party value political capital. the national election involve every man fighting for himself and his own votes. maybe that is the lesson. we don't need to be so worried that the liberal democrats will be removed from parliament. the liberal democrats polled unexpectedly well in sunday's election. there had been calls for his resignation but now he will lead the call he will be our nominee for this year's federal election, he will be our face or the brains of our campaign. as party head he will lead the team that is part of any successful campaign. the central democrats say they have all of the ingredients for a successful campaign and challenged his base
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am PST
demonstrations and not just in the capital. troops clashed with anti- government protesters after they stormed the offices of the muslim brotherhood. eight deaths were reported their late friday. in tahrir square, thousands rally to mark the second anniversary of the revolution. they object to the new constitution and its reliance on islamic law and the desperate state of the economy. officials decry the protesters of counterrevolutionaries and supporters of the old mubarak regime. but protesters insist it is not about the past -- it is about the future. memo we only have one demand -- the regime should go because they have done nothing for us. >> secularist and liberals say the government has betrayed the revolution. >> for the latest, let's go now to our correspondent in cairo. what is the latest you can tell us from where you are? >> i was this morning at the court where there was celebration by the relatives of the people who died after 21 people were sentenced to death, mainly fans of the port said club, but at the same time, riots broke our in the city of port said when people tried to s
Jan 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
act in 1970. as competition increased and profits shrank, businessmen, workers, and the government asked how much we should spend to protect workers. throughout the 1970s, the american textile industry was locked in a struggle against foreign competition. asian competitors were undercutting american mills. the american textile industry was spending millions to protect worker health. asian textile industries spent almost nothing. faced with this competition, the u.s. industry looked to cut costs. o.s.h.a., the occupational safety and health adminstration, told business to spend more, not less. o.s.h.a. proposed tough, new standards for cotton dust. w.o. leonard recalls the industry's reaction. we wanted a reasonable standard established, not one that was impossible to reach. we also were very interested in the time frame for implementation. we knew that the technology was not all in place to achieve compliance. we wanted enough time for that to be developed and to become commercially available. industry claimed the new regulations would require spending $2 billion on equipment, and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3